Business Solutions

Managing a business is difficult, especially without an IT Department. Technology is evolving at such a fast rate, LisenPC understands the need to keep things running as any down time is a huge blow to any business.


LisenPC can help in many ways:

IT Consultation: Are you paying too much for Internet service, website hosting, etc? We can help you find the best providers that meet your needs and are more cost effective than your current provider(s). We will even help you migrate your services to the new providers to have minimal downtime!

Office Setup: We can find a cost effective solution for the type of IT equipment you need while keeping your budget in mind.

On Call IT: More cost effective than hiring an IT person that you would not need on a daily basis. We are on call and reachable 24/7 for any IT emergencies that you may have.

Server Setup/Maintenance: Do you run your own mail server or internal server for business purposes? We can help you setup any new servers or if you already have a server we provide monitoring and maintenance service in order to ensure your business critical servers operate at full performance and stay online.