Network Services

Having issues with your internet? Need someone to setup a home or small business network? We can help! LisenPC has technicians that can troubleshoot any network issue and setup any kind of networks. If we find the issue is not on your end, we will provide a summary report as indicating your network has been fully inspected by certified technicians.


DSL Basic Setup / Wifi Setup / Airport Setup / Router Setup / Home Server Setup / Windows Media Center / Firewall Setup / Wireless Analysis

Redundant network connections

Is your wireless connection really secure? Most WEP connections can be easily cracked. People can easily get into your computers and also use your internet connection if you have an unsecure wireless connection. Slow speeds or constant disconnects on your wireless? We can analyze your channels to see if you are getting any interference.

Cat5E cables offered at various lengths:
1 feet - $1.75
3 feet - $3.00
5 feet - $4.50
10 feet - $7.50
15 feet - $10.00
20 feet - $12.50

Our technicians can cut, splice, and crimp cables for any length at a cheaper rate than any retail outlet can offer! Please contact us if you would like to purchase CAT5E cables of custom length.